23 Jul 14 at 3 pm

current aesthetic is black thrasher mag shirt I’ve been living in for the last three days and leopard print underwear.

I’ve given up summer 2k14. :^)))

23 Jul 14 at 3 pm



Kelly Schirmann called us from Portland, OR.


my letter to you was a mouth
& I want it propped open

I imagine you under
the planet I am under
so we have something to discuss

where your lovers went
when they discovered their aliveness still intact
is none of my business

I am under oath
to not sound so strange

when I feel strange
I put on black & start to whisper

when I speak
I am watching the sky
so it sounds like crying

I can’t seem to focus
without essential oils
or my hand on your aura

once during a bad winter
I indexed cloud formations
until everything once more resembled
a great tattoo

I proclaimed this booth of ours
a winter booth
& you, mine

I felt for your knee in the booth
& looked for something significant

feathers are found in the street
with startling regularity
& this helps me immensely

god said turn around
but it was a cruel joke

good one, god, I said
but the sun didn’t set

when the moon came around
I confused it with our planet
& felt burned

when I couldn’t help being in love with you
I walked down a long road
with a stick of dynamite

I wore a cheap dress
I imagined you complimenting

we can talk about the sun
I said
but nothing happened

just ghosts of me
loving my body
& not knowing anything else


from House: ‘this is the first voicemail poem i ever heard and i still can’t get over it.’

[during the month of june, House is tweeting about his favorite posts using the hashtag #redial. join him. because he’s a QT. also, call us.]

i mean goddamn

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23 Jul 14 at 3 pm

stalehands and i have been friends since before ios7 existed

stalehands and i have been friends since before ios7 existed
23 Jul 14 at 2 am

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portland is so pretty but so many of the people here make me wanna chew my own face off

22 Jul 14 at 9 pm

I’m underneath a tree lol

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I’m underneath a tree lol
22 Jul 14 at 6 pm

i have an email from an Important Person in my inbox and i can see from the message preview that it says what i want it to say, but i still can’t bring myself to read the email lol

22 Jul 14 at 5 am

charlie is the only person i like.

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charlie is the only person i like.
22 Jul 14 at 5 am

i get really pissed when people tell me i’m lucky to be done with school, because i worked really hard to finish my undergrad major/minor in the four year time limit society has deemed acceptable ugh ugh ugh.