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There is a light in this room. It is on the back of your hand, like a spider-bite. How frightening that is. No. The light is in your hair now. Your head is a slow-turning wind chime. No. This is just a reflection. The light is actually inside your body, like a parasite, except it really is a…

dalton always killin’ it

What We Can Know by Dalton Day

it’s weird to be 22 and graduated and already have a covered up tattoo i think i want the word “sluttering” tattooed across my toes and I’m also dealing with horrible anxiety about every aspect of my life by binge watching pretty little liars it’s almost 4am how’re you.

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if they play this in november i will cry

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boyfriend and i are so dreamy i can’t handle it

boyfriend and i are so dreamy i can’t handle it
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a little bit of my FAVORITE THING TO DO

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br& new

br& new

MILK by Emma Hartvig on Flickr.
31 Aug 14 at 3 am
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was a real treat to see my rapist, who lives in a different city than me, at brand new. :^)))

30 Aug 14 at 10 pm

i look cute heck yeah